It is What it is…or is it?

It is what it is…Or is it?

I don’t have much memory of my life only small bits and pieces return for a moment as I talk to family and friends of good times we shared. I do know that I had a goal and I had targets set for my future I do know that I was good at what I did as I had the greatest teacher-my dad. Don’t ask me what the targets were but I must have set these? Having said this I also know that I was more like a chicken running around without a head trying to find my feet, strange that it took me to actually lose my head to know what I want in life.

I now know without a doubt what I want to do that is to help and guide people who have fallen and have lost their way or those who think that life for them is so difficult and they feel alone, I know this as there is a burning feeling I get deep within me as I see light streaming from the eyes of those I speak to who themselves have been knocked down and are broken and by me just befriending them brings great joy and a bright smile to their lonely face. I too had a great fall but I chased away that scary man who walks around with the sickle, scary headgear and dark black eyes I told him loud and clear to get the hell away from me, I told him that there are others who can benefit from my pain and discomfort and I will be their bright light and maybe I can help or guide even one person in life, that for me will bring so much satisfaction and joy. My broken brain will now help me and others to be strong and be great once again this is what it is.

I received a call the other evening from a lady who I had forgotten about, a lady who has her own life and does not need to help me in any way, this lady for me is a lost memory but when I see her on Facebook I recognise her I know her from my past, we were friends her sister and I were good friends I cannot remember a single moment of actually being with her and her sister but I do know them, I also know they were born on the same day two years apart which is unbelievable-thanks Facebook. So Penny calls and says she will arrange an air ticket to New York so that I can get there and shout out to all those who think that they cannot do much and that life is now too difficult for them, I will cross that finish line holding a great banner sending a message to all the broken people that they can do whatever they want to, that they are no different to the rest of the world and that they can and will.

Melissa is another friend I have who has said she will arrange another ticket for either Ange or myself Melissa has already told me that she will try her best to arrange something with her company. Wow I am so lucky to know people who just know me through a friend or from many years ago who now want to try help, Mark and Mel bought Ange and I ready cooked dinners when we were staying in Riverglades, such a small gift brought so much joy and the dinners were great by the way, well that’s Ange’s comments, I could not taste a thing but they did look great. So now it seems that I might be able to get to New York after all I won’t have to canoe across as planned. Ange has to be right at my side, she is my caretaker, I am nothing without her and in fact if Ange is not there with me I will end up in India doing the delly belly walk or the chilli run which will not be a good ending, imagine the call “hi honey I need help, I am very lost and there are lots of people around me, my tummy is very sore and my mouth is on fire please turn on the tracker you had injected into my body for this very reason”.

This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with and love – I found this video of our wedding and this saying was written down by Ange. Wow Ange is truly an amazing woman and I am the luckiest man alive to have her in my life.
















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