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Help me get to New York City | Traumatic Brain Injury


Wow! What a week I am back at rehab and feeling safe again after a heavy first week I was feeling extremely sad and lost, it felt as if I was back at school and had not done my school project given to us for work to do over the holidays strange and weird feelings I now have.

Ange and her mom did our budget the other night I sat in our room and allowed the two of them to identify the areas where we can save money as money is extremely tight. Ange returned with a tired face, I asked her to let me know how things look I have no idea about the budget I think we are okay after a while and many questions for Ange she gave in and told me the sad news. We are not able to pay all the bills and Ange had taken out a loan last year to cover our costs actually my costs medical aid does not cover all my rehab so Ange pays the shortfall and all other bills. Ange keeps all the money matters to herself as she does not want me to get upset or disappointed I understand her method but I was upset I asked her why don’t I just not go to rehab for the year, I am on the mend and will be fine.

No way said Ange she told me a story of when asked by a close friend what will she do if Bevan comes out of his coma and he is unable to walk or talk or…Ange said that he is alive and she loves him no matter how he is even if he is brain dead but alive she will take him. Ange then continued speaking to me of how proud and astonished she is every single day she arrives home from work and sees how I achieve so much each day Ange talks with a heavy and sad heart of how she will do whatever it takes to keep me at rehab as rehab is so good for me it is allowing me to grow and heal so for her now each day is a surprise and she loves the new Bevan. Ange also said that my accident made her realise how deep her love is for me and is also upset that it took this for us to realise how much we actually love each other.

So I now know that we do not have enough money to get us through each month I ask about my new Bio Kinetics therapy I am now doing with a different company as the therapy I have done at rehab is all they can do for me at their level. Bio Kinetics will take me to the next level allowing me to walk better and maybe I will be able to run this year I then tell Ange that since medical aid will not be covering this I suggest we hold out a while and I will raise money that will allow me to start with the next step at a later stage – not a chance says Ange. The following morning Ange takes me to my third lesson I will be training for the first time with the owner, whilst walking on the treadmill he drops a bombshell I had told him when we first met that he needs to get me fit as I want to walk to Cape Town to raise money for rehab and my sessions with him. He then says we will not be able to walk to Cape Town and that he has a better goal for me I frown in confusion he tells me that I have been invited to be part of their team to complete the NEW YORK MARATHON wow! I just cannot believe this news after all our financial troubles and my heavy discussion with Ange concerning our money problems this is now such great news that they had invited me. I was then told to take the weekend to think about this and know that once there accommodation and food for the team would be paid for by the sponsors but there was one big issue; I have to pay for my air tickets to get Ange and myself there.

My first thought was that I will make this happen I cannot miss out on this great opportunity besides it has always been a dream of Anges to eat a hot dog in the streets of New York City and to sleep one night in this great city. I then get a reality check and know that we will not be able to afford to buy airline tickets I become sad and disappointed I then feel strong I know that I will get my wife and myself to New York and I will complete the marathon and Ange will eat a hot dog in the streets of this great city. Now I have to organise a sponsor or some way to pay for tickets this will be a great challenge for me the greatest ever but I will do it I will. I will show the world that this man who now lives with TBI this man who struggles to get through each and every day with a damaged brain will finish the New York marathon if I can do it then all the people who have been dealt a bad hand can also achieve so much more than they think. I will not lie down and let this injury beat me I will cross that finish line wearing a great proud smile and I will stand proud for all or those who now live with a broken brain.

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