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We all claim to have them. Friends. We say you can truly only have a handful of friends, or count your true friends on one hand, I have friends, they saved my life. Some looked after special people in my life who needed support, some gave hope to others of my recovery, some have helped financially some were just there doing small helpful tasks being positive and strong.

It’s not about the amount of friends you have, it’s about the making of a friendship which is important, the bond and vibe between two people that makes and creates a friendship. Almost like a vibration even if you do not get on with the person too well you can still vibrate in the same tone, have good vibes! Sometimes you don’t even know there is a great friendship growing, about to be put to the test – until tested, until you need somebody and they show up for that difficult moment, respond to that difficult call. Then you know who your true friends are, you then know who is on the same vibe as you are. My meaning of a true friend is someone, amongst other things, that takes time from themselves to help someone and expects nothing in return, I am in great debt to all my friends that helped me and I shall repay that debt someday when needed I shall do my best to be the best person I can be on that day and I shall not let down.
Family is also friendship, I have a great family, I have a mother and father which are close friends of mine, they also helped get me better were there for me and still are in so many ways. I have a son and a daughter that I love too much, just seeing them boosted my spirits and gave me strength they were there for me, my brother and his family were there for me, my ex-wife and her husband were there for me Anges mom was there for me, helping her daughter just to get through each day; she has done so much for us even after the hospital.

Family can also just be family they love you cause you are of the same blood, but will they do something real hard for them to do to help you with no payback! If they will then they might be your friend as well. A friendship is special it is sacred maybe, defiantly special and testing at times. Testing cause everyone has a time that they need somebody’s help and it is usually help needed in a difficult or dangerous situation that is why friendship is such a big thing sometimes one gets hurt helping a friend. Or will have to give up plenty to help.

My wife is my best friend, so special and so lovely; I am truly so so blessed to have Ang in my life. Ang also helped save my life, when I woke from a really uncomfortable ICU bed Ang was sitting there calming me down, talking to me, keeping me from hurting myself, all the people that have been in contact with me talk about Ang how she spent so much time at my side, how she went out of her way (and depth) to keep me alive and to be the link between myself and other friends and family. Ang is my best friend, also so beautiful lucky me.

I did not know all these people were or had helped me as I was unconscious and in a coma, no memory of anything I hear about all these brave and selfless people from stories of my other friends. It’s like a really great book I am reading, so thanks to all of you that gave up your own time to help me to be strong and survive.

I met a man who would become a great friend, when I met him for the first time somehow I think we both knew we would have to cross a certain bridge before we would be friends, in fact there was no feeling of a friendly vibe at all. This would be waiting at the other end of that bridge neither of us even knew the vibe would be there or how we would cross this bridge, Sometimes you don’t immediately sense or feel it. I knew this man was a good man and I liked him but never knew why, I certainly know why now, both of us born in 69, what a great year to celebrate your birth, I also think we grew up in very similar schools and had very similar after school activities, we are both great people, tough but friendly with a never give up attitude and honourable. This man saved my life without thinking about it just did it, what a good friend! I hear he pulled many strings to save my life not only this, he has committed himself to my kids which is no easy task to raise two kids, they are fortunate. Their mom is also lucky to have a good man by her side, he himself is lucky to have a great woman by his side, they are good friends, I hear they gave up plenty to help.
It is so important in life to let go of the little issues and to get to the big issues, sometimes other people are involved with the decisions we make and how we live our lives everyone needs friends they can trust and rely on from time to time, we all have our own lives to live so make sure you live it when we look again so much time has gone by try make a difference.

One friend was waiting for me when I landed at Milpark hospital a good man with good vibes, he waited with a really special woman in my life, my other mom Terry Anges mom Terry who did so much for us I did not know this then, only many weeks after we met up and he explained his story to me He described his feelings to me when they offloaded me in a bubble type container how emotional he was and how close I was to death, hearing all the stories from all my close friends are very dear to me I listen to every word and every time I get extremely emotional, such great stories have been told to me I am truly so lucky.

So friendship is sometimes difficult to identify and sometimes only identifies itself when in need, once it has presented itself look after it and remember the hardest thing about friendship is that it’s all about giving so don’t expect anything from a friend, when a friend helps you that is their goodness and their own decision, just be there when they need your help, be there for them with no judgement or question, friendship is so rare and so awesome to have it is truly one of the most beautiful feelings I have had.

Meeting a friend for the first time after they have truly helped you, you realise that the friendship is truly special that they truly have someone they can rely on which is special for me to know I have all these good people in my life and they know that I am there for them. Thank you all of you

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  1. Hello Bevan. I love reading your blog. I LOVED your sentence: “So friendship is sometimes difficult to identify and sometimes only identifies itself when in need.” It is so true. Keep strong and keep going. You are an inspiration.

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