Alone in a strange world

During a real strange dream I was awoken and pulled back into reality by the love of my life. Ang had for the first time been pulled onto my journey for survival in my world, a world which had no reality, no concept of what was actually happening just strange thoughts and images that I would bring to life, I would do this as I did not know where I was, I truly had no understanding of reality, I had been in a bad motorcycle accident suffered major head trauma and had just come out of several weeks in a coma. Now lying in ICU was unaware of reality.

The strange dream was to be my reality my place in my world, a world of aliens, combat fighting – for survival, fear and many challengers both to me and those closest to me as all reality in my life had disappeared. Gone, rapidly disappeared without my knowledge, so all aspects of reality were actually not real, were part of a confused mess, a mess of weirdness and scary thoughts. The loss of the use of my mind had created this world for me.

So there I was armed with an automatic rifle crouching behind a column of brick, to my right was a field of ungrown corn filled with the enemy. -soldiers heavily armed and scary! For my survival I had to get through this day, (which was actually a night in the ICU ward at Milpark hospital.)

Survive I did, many of these scenes filled my time and nothing else would make sense (reality had disappeared). Several attempts by my loved ones to make the unreal reality in my head disappear failed, all that would be important for me was to survive being alone (I was never alone in the real world). I do remember several discussions now, my dad had some funny stories to tell, but then nothing made sense as there was no reality in my set up. My real world had gone and had been replaced by a world from my tormented mind! Poof! Gone gone baby – all gone, maybe death could save me.

Death itself is overrated for death for me was quick and I saw nothing on the other side, also I returned too quick to have it fix my problems, for when I returned my fears and problems had grown to a scale so huge it would now take my full capacity to repair me. Repair me I did, after many strange worlds and wars, hiding away from the army scouts and alien ships I somehow returned to normality. Gone were the nightmares and scenes of death and destruction. Hello to the real world, a world where I had been before the tragedy had almost destroyed me a nice place with nice people and good friends.

I have been told that many nights in an ICU world will create weird thoughts; I believe it was the medication and weird sounds, even the smell which took away my reality and created a nightmare for myself, whatever it was it was as real as can be and so scary, never been so afraid in my life!

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